Meta will be shutting down Messenger Lite for Android in September

Meta has decided to kill Messenger Lite, a shortened version of the Messenger messaging application aimed at low-profile devices, after about 7 years of launch.

After August 19, the application will no longer be available to existing users, when using a message will appear advising them to “use Messenger to continue chatting. For new users, the application now appears has been removed from the Google Play Store.

holder Meta will be shutting down Messenger Lite for Android in September

As of August 21, people using the Messenger Lite app for Android to send and receive messages are redirected to Messenger or FB Lite, a Meta spokesperson said.

Messenger Lite for Android was introduced by Meta, formerly Facebook, in 2016 for users with weaker Android devices. This app consumes less storage space and processing power by providing only core Messenger features, removing many features like stories, dark mode, animated stickers or changing game themes. story.

Later, Messenger Lite for iOS was also released but was discontinued in 2020.

This move by Meta shows that the company has decided to stop this lightweight application and focus only on the full version. However, many users are disappointed with this decision of Meta because they think that Messenger is the reason for draining the battery so quickly.

In September, Messenger will also stop supporting SMS, which is said to be uninteresting for many people. Meta also plans to enable end-to-end encryption by default for Messenger later this year.

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