Microsoft Excel Announces Python Integration, Can Experience

Microsoft first released Python-integrated Excel beta for Microsoft 365 internal users. With the help of the Python library, users can use Excel to analyze and visualize data more easily.

Microsoft says that Python calculations are currently only available in the desktop version of Excel and can run in the cloud.

Currently, users who want to experience Python calculations on Excel can get the latest Excel builds by joining the Microsoft 365 Insider program and choosing the Beta channel.

With Python natively integrated into the Excel grid, users can use the new "=PY" function to enter Python code directly into Excel cells. Users can seamlessly use Python in Excel formulas, charts, and PivotTables.

By integrating Python functions in Excel, users can use Python libraries such as pandas, matplotlib, and scikit-learning… for data visualization, data cleaning, machine learning, and predictive analytics.

Excel's built-in Python comes from the Anaconda distribution.

“Integrating the Anaconda distribution of Python into Microsoft Excel is a breakthrough that will transform the workflow of millions of Excel users worldwide,” said Peter Wang, Anaconda CEO and Co-Founder. change. In addition, users can use tools such as Microsoft Teams and Outlook to share work files containing Python code with team members.

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