Microsoft stops deploying Cortana app on Windows 11

Microsoft has decided to stop providing Cortana application on Windows devices when this digital assistant tool officially enters the phase of complete death. In other words, Microsoft will be disabling the standalone Cortana app on Windows 11 devices. This is a move that was predicted because last month, the Redmond company also posted a notice confirming the end of the project. Cortana project

Accordingly, the Cortana application will stop working on Windows devices starting from August 2023. Currently, users accessing the application will receive the message “Cortana in Windows as a standalone app is deprecated”. Windows standalone Cortana app is no longer available). Along with that is a button to navigate the Microsoft support documentation page. Talking about this decision, Microsoft said:

“Starting August 2023, we will no longer support Cortana in Windows as a standalone app. However, you can still access powerful AI-powered workflow features in Windows and Edge. This means you can still get help with your tasks, calendar, and email, but in new and exciting ways. This change only affects the Cortana app on Windows. Cortana, the virtual assistant, will continue to be available in Outlook mobile and Microsoft Teams.”

holder Microsoft stops deploying Cortana app on Windows 11

Microsoft first launched the Cortana digital assistant tool in 2014 as a solution to compete with Apple’s virtual assistant Siri on iOS. However, Cortana has never really achieved the expected success, and has been discontinued by Microsoft on iOS and Android platforms from 2021.

Microsoft plans to replace Cortana with the upcoming Windows Copilot utility, which is level-based by Bing and uses AI to assist users more efficiently. Windows Copilot was first announced at Build 2023 and is currently being tested on Windows Insider builds.

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Windows Copilot will be synchronized across the user’s applications, programs, and windows. The new virtual assistant will have the function of a personal assistant to help users master functions, customize settings and seamlessly connect on favorite applications.

Windows Copilot is very similar to the dialog found in Bing Chat, which can summarize what the user is viewing in the application, rewrite it, or even explain it. Users will ask general questions to interact with this AI assistant and receive corresponding answers.