New features in the Messages app on iOS 15

Apple’s FaceTime app has been the main focus of many of the iOS 15 updates that have been introduced, but the Messages app hasn’t been completely forgotten. Apple introduced the new Shared with You feature and streamlined some interface elements to make the Messages experience more pleasant.

In this article, outlines all the new features Apple has added to the Messages app in ‌iOS 15‌ and iPadOS 15.

The main new feature in the Messages app on ‌iOS 15‌ is Shared with You, which aggregates what people share with you in Messages into appropriate apps. So if someone sends a photo, it will show up in the Shared with You section of the Photos app.

This isn’t a separate add-on to Messages at all, as other apps actually get this new as well, but it does make Messages content more accessible and less likely to be forgotten.

Multiple images sent in the Messages app now show up as a photo collage of stacked images. You can tap the collage and swipe through to see each photo in it. At the top left of the full screen view, you can tap to see all the images in a grid view, and there are also quick access tools to reply, add touch feedback, download or share. share images.

All images you are sent in the Messages app have a small download icon next to them. Tap it to save them, which makes it much easier to save the photos you’ve sent to your device’s photo library.

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The photo picker, included in the Messages app, now lets you select photos in a specific order to share.

Apple has added some country-specific features to address issues with spam. In Brazil, on-device intelligence filters out unwanted SMS messages and organizes them into Promotional, Transactional and Junk folders to prevent clutter of the main inbox in Messages.

In India and China, there are options to enable or disable notifications for unknown senders, deals and promotions so that users have more control over which types of messages can send notifications.

Memoji, used in the Messages and ‌FaceTime‌ apps, have been updated in ‌iOS 15‌ with 40 new outfit choices, the option to choose two different eye colors, glasses, a headgear, and new accessibility options.

Apple has also added 9 new Memoji stickers such as waving and flashing moments, heart-shaped hands, and more.

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