New malware discovered to steal bank accounts

According to information site Bleeping Computer, security experts at Trend Micro have just discovered a type of malware called MMRat that can take control of phones and steal money from bank accounts.

This malicious code is mainly distributed by fake Google Play app stores, some dating apps, and apps pretending to be government agencies. When a user accidentally downloads an application containing this malicious code, MMRat quickly infiltrates the phone and connects to a server remotely controlled by hackers, taking advantage of accessibility services on Android phones to deceive victims. grant access to the phone.

They will collect users’ personal information on the phone such as network data, screen, battery, contacts or message content. More dangerously, hackers control MMRat to access banking applications to steal money from accounts.

holder New malware discovered to steal bank accounts

Researchers found that the MMRAT malware attack has been deployed since the end of June 2023, focusing mainly on Southeast Asia, especially users in Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and the Philippines.

To limit the possibility of being infiltrated by MMRat malware, users should only download applications from official sources, such as Google Play or App Store. Before installing the application, carefully check the application information, manufacturer, reviews, etc. During the installation process, you need to clearly see the access rights that the application needs, and whether those access rights are appropriate for the application. content to use or not.

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