OPPO changed the logo background color to black

Oppo, the popular Chinese mobile phone maker, has quietly replaced its iconic green logo for a new look with monochrome black and white accents.

Oppo said that green remains an essential component of its brand identity, which will be used in "interactive visuals to enrich every scene where the brand meets the user. However, to enhance the user experience, it will be used strategically in the company's "interactive visual designs". Oppo added that its logo will in the future switch to a monochrome icon, which means gradually reducing the use of color.

In addition to the logo, Oppo's website has also been redesigned with a more elegant and gentle interface, the once prominent green circle has been replaced.

In fact, Oppo is gradually removing the old logo from its marketing communications activities for quite a while and replacing it with a clear and sophisticated image. Selected white letters are sometimes adjusted to suit different visual elements. For example, on the purple variant of Reno10 Pro there is purple OPPO on the box, while the logo on the Find X6 Pro is silver.

The decision to give up Oppo's iconic green color to switch to black and white tones is a bold step, expressing the ambition to prove the company is an innovative technology giant.

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