Samsung and LG phones are at risk of mass malware infection due to Android certificate leak

An Android certificate has just been leaked online recently, putting millions of devices running this operating system at risk of becoming unwilling victims of malware. The good news is that the leak doesn’t affect all Android users, but according to experts, there will be a large number of Samsung, LG devices, plus all Android smartphones using MediaTek chipsets. may present a security risk.

Lukasz Siewierski, a Google employee and malware reverse engineer, reported that a significant amount of Android OEM certificates were somehow leaked and posted publicly. Malicious actors can use this type of data as a bridge to install malware on victims’ smartphones. This type of login key contains the highest level of operating system permissions. This means that it is possible for a threat actor to inject malware on a target Android device without the knowledge of Google, the device manufacturer, or the app developer. Theoretically, if a user downloads an update from a third-party website, the bad guy could attach malware while acting as a legitimate app update.

holder Samsung and LG phones are at risk of mass malware infection due to Android certificate leak

An application signing certificate is used to sign an “android” application on a system image, called a platform certificate. The “android” program is executed with the extremely privileged user“android.uid.system”, and has access to user data as well as some other system privileges. According to a Google blog post, any program certified with the same certificate will share the same level of access to the Android operating system.

Fortunately, Android manufacturers affected by this issue have all been alerted by the Android Security Team. Google has also proposed a solution to “rotate the platform certificate by replacing it with a new set of public and private keys”. In addition, according to the statement of XDA developers, Samsung users do not need to worry too much because the Korean manufacturer was aware of this problem quite early and resolved everything.

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Application signing certificates are an important component of how the Android operating system protects the devices on which it runs. This process ensures that only trusted developers are authorized to provide customers’ phones with software upgrades. This process requires a unique login key that belongs to the app developer, and is always kept private for an extra layer of protection.