Samsung applies for a patent for a "smart charging ring", which can charge smartphone batteries, get energy from users themselves

As mobile devices become more and more powerful in both configuration and features, having a good enough battery life to meet the power demand from the hardware is becoming a difficult challenge for most. manufacturers today. Batteries are currently a “sink” in the technology field in general, and that’s why companies don’t spare money to invest in developing and improving fast charging technology as well as wireless charging to bring convenience. maximum for users.

Besides, with devices getting thinner and thinner, accessories like power banks are also becoming more popular and diverse. The world’s largest smartphone maker Samsung has just introduced a unique idea of a “one-of-a-kind” rechargeable battery with a design just like an ordinary ring.

Samsung’s recently filed patent application has revealed that the Korean tech giant is apparently working on developing a brand new power bank that looks like a smartphone. ring, can be worn on the finger and possesses the ability to automatically charge from the daily operations, movements and gestures when the user wears it on the hand. In essence, this is not a small backup battery that is fully charged by plugging in the charger as usual, but instead it uses a magnetic disk inside the rotating ring that can move around when the human hand use motion and store energy from it.

In other words, every movement from the wearer’s hand (kinetic energy) generates electricity, turning this tiny ring into a mini generator. Not stopping there, the device is also capable of turning heat radiated from the user’s body into electricity. Samsung plans to equip this ring with a small battery to store the generated power before using it to charge other mobile devices.

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In terms of charging, this ring can charge smartphones via wireless charging protocol even when the device is in use. This means that your ring finger should be positioned above where the wireless charging coils are located on the back of the phone.

Overall, this is just a patent and the road to commercial product is still far away, but it does provide a glimpse of interesting ideas related to the world of electronic accessories in the future. future.