Samsung is developing foldable tablets and laptops

After years of tireless and tireless investment, Samsung is enjoying success with its dominant market share in the global foldable smartphone segment. However, the ambitions of the Korean tech giant of course do not stop there. The company that owns the Galaxy brand is said to be actively devoting resources to developing folding screen tablet and laptop models with many notable highlights.

In an exclusive interview with The Independent recently, Samsung’s director of mobile division TM Roh had for the first time officially shared about the research and development plan for tablets as well as laptops. foldable. This is great news for anyone who is expecting a breath of fresh air in the tepid handset market with few groundbreaking designs, especially in the tablet market.

“We open books to read, we open books to write something. These simple things are the inspiration for us to create foldable devices. When not in use or on the go, they can be folded up, making them more compact and portable, as well as protecting the important information inside. It’s just a natural part of human behavior.”

The CEO further confirmed that his company is currently working on several such devices. “What has been applied and proven to work on smartphones will then also be rolled out to tablets and laptops. To that end, we are investing a lot. resources “. He added that Samsung is currently working on a “platform technology” for both tablets and foldable laptops, and will launch these devices when they are “ready to deliver”. provide meaningful innovation to consumers.

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holder Samsung is developing foldable tablets and laptops

Roh also talked about the fact that folding tablets and laptops need to be really thin and light to ensure portability, but also need to be strong for users to use with peace of mind. This makes a lot of sense because foldable phones were a lot more fragile in the past than they are now, and if the same level of structural strength and stiffness could be added to tablets and display laptops. folded, then Samsung can once again revolutionize the market. However, there’s no specific timeline for when that will happen, so we’ll have to wait and see how things play out.

In fact, rumors about Samsung developing a folding screen tablet began to appear from April 2021, when the company was said to be developing a tri-fold tablet model. The Korean tech giant even filed a patent for a rollable 12.4-inch OLED panel not too long ago.