Samsung may launch ChatGPT-competitive AI chatbot later this year

In the face of the rapid growth of the natural language-enabled AI chatbot market, the whole technology world seems to be standing still. Witnessing the initial success of giants like Microsoft, OpenAI or Google… no one wants to be a slow-moving person. More and more companies are working to develop and apply their own innovative AI services to mobile devices and other platforms.

Recently, major newspapers in Korea simultaneously reported that Samsung is developing its own AI chatbot called SimplyChat – similar to ChatGPT – expected to be introduced at the Real Summit 2023 event before the official launch. wake up at the end of this year

Reports also suggest that a global launch is unlikely to happen immediately as Samsung will have to test SimplyChat internally first for review, evaluation, and then planning to release. public version. This process is necessary to ensure that no major problems remain when the product is released to the masses.

holder Samsung may launch ChatGPT-competitive AI chatbot later this year

SimplyChat is said to possess the basic functions of a new generation AI chatbot. However, Samsung is planning to build the chatbot into an intelligent assistant that fits perfectly into its hardware ecosystem. Following the release of SimplyChat to the public, the company will also begin ordering AI servers, of which Quanta and Wistron are reportedly receiving large orders from the Korean tech giant.

Currently, it is too early to talk about the prospects of SimplyChat’s success, but it can be confirmed that Samsung is investing heavily in AI. The company is also working hard to incorporate advanced artificial intelligence technology into its consumer electronics products.

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From the end of the year, users will start to see flagship SoCs with built-in AI capabilities debut, and the big names in the market want to make sure they have products on hand for the early days. comprehensive AI deployment and development. Samsung cannot stay out of that trend. The South Korean tech giant may want to leverage advanced language models to bring better AI capabilities to its mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smart watches. bright. The report also states that Samsung’s AI R&D center is “ready to work with various partners to find better AI technologies in the future”.