Sync data between iPhone and iPad in just a few easy steps

In this article, Quantrimang will show you how to sync iPhone and iPad using iCloud service. These instructions apply to iPhones and iPads running iOS 11, iOS 12.

You cannot sync iPhone and iPad by using a cable connecting the two devices or connecting via a Wifi network like how to sync iPhone/iPad with a computer. There are a few reasons why this may not be possible:

The only solution for this is iCloud.

If you want to keep data on your iPhone and iPad in sync, use iCloud to sync all of your Apple devices. As long as both iPhone and iPad have an Internet connection and use the same iCloud account. You can access them via Apple ID, just like that, iPhone and iPad are synced.

1. Open the Settings /Settings app on a device, tap your name to open the Apple ID screen, then select iCloud .

2. Turn on the switch next to any categories and content you want to sync between iPhone and iPad. Repeat this with the second device.

3. Go to Settings /Settings > Passwords & accounts /Passwords & Accounts and make sure your email account is set up on both devices.

4. Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store and enable automatic downloads for Music , Apps , Books & Audiobooks and Updates items on both devices.

Once iCloud is installed on both devices, they will be synced. This process keeps almost all the information right on both devices. iCloud is accessible on iOS, macOS, and Windows devices, and keeps your data secure when it’s stored or even transferred between devices.

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iCloud is Apple’s free service, it has 5GB of space. The amount of used iCloud storage will be displayed on top of the iCloud settings page. If 5GB is not enough for you, you can buy an additional 50GB, 200GB or 2TB plan with a starting price of 19,000 VND. Go to the iCloud settings screen and select Manage Storage/Manage Storage > Change Storage Plan /Change Storage Plan.

Thus, the only way to sync iPhone with iPad is through iCloud, and the operation is quite simple. If you own these two devices at the same time, please try to follow the instructions above and leave a comment if you have problems during the process.