TCL 'shows off' the flexible rollable smartphone screen

Within the framework of the IFA 2020 annual product introduction event taking place in March this year, Chinese electronics manufacturer TCL has made itself the center of attention when introducing a number of concept phones. Exciting new developments involving next-generation folding screen technology are superior, including a phone model that can be folded up to three times, and especially a new type of screen that can be rolled up extremely flexible.

After a period of silence, TCL has just released a video that gives a more detailed look at the scrolling screen smartphone being developed in the company’s laboratory, specifically how it works extremely independently. uniqueness of the device in actual use.

The short video shows a 4.5-inch smartphone that can be quickly expanded to 6.7-inches without affecting the device’s approximately 9mm thickness through the touch of a small button. The whole process is done quickly and completely smoothly.

TCL said its engineers used a system of micro-motors to shrink and expand this super flexible OLED panel through a relatively simple roll mechanism. Compared with conventional folding screens, roll screens have the advantage of not creating unpleasant wrinkles in folded areas, and can operate flexibly without affecting the overall design of the device. .

TCL also says that the product will offer customizations like a split-screen user interface. At the same time, when the screen expands or shrinks in size, the software interface will also be customized to automatically resize the display accordingly.

However, the company has not mentioned other basic parameters of the panel such as resolution, scanning frequency as well as other supporting features. TCL is currently actively developing a deo display technology based on inkjet-printed OLED panels on a flexible substrate, and says the technology can currently withstand being rolled in and unfolded by around 200,000 time.

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TCL still has no plans to commercialize this monitor model (at least this year). However, with the prototype working relatively smoothly, it is probably only a matter of time before the company launches a commercial version.