How to share large videos on iPhone

Send iCloud link to iPhone video

There are many ways for us to send large files or videos on iPhone, such as compressing videos to send files with Gmail, using online file sending websites or getting iCloud links to share large videos or Which video do you want to reach others quickly? The person receiving the link just needs to download … Read more

Instructions for managing stickers in iPhone Messages

Fix stickers in iPhone messages

The iPhone Messages application has a sticker store for you to choose to download according to your preferences, in addition to the self-made stickers on iPhone Messages. The sticker themes are arranged in the order you download them, but we can rearrange this order to suit your needs when sending stickers in Messages on iPhone. … Read more

How to remove Apple ID security key

Remove Apple ID security key

The Apple ID security lock feature will enhance account protection from attacks and account hacks to steal personal information and data. When you want to log in to your Apple ID, you need to use the physical key you set up. In case you do not want to use the Apple ID security key to … Read more

How to add effects to stickers in iPhone Messages

Send messages on iPhone

iOS 17 has added the ability to create iPhone Messages stickers so you can use photos to create your own stickers. And stickers created in iPhone Messages will have more options to add effects so you can change the sticker interface, refresh the sticker to send in messages on iPhone. The article below will guide … Read more

6 handy iOS features accessible from the iPhone lock screen

The iPhone’s lock screen is very important to ensure the security of the device. It’s the first thing you interact with when using your iPhone, and it acts as a barrier to protect your personal information from potential intruders. While it’s designed to hide most of your iPhone’s apps and functions, you can still access … Read more

How to ping Apple Watch from iPhone

Many times, we put our Apple Watch somewhere and forget it. Unlike traditional watches that are hard to find, fortunately, you can easily find your Apple Watch by pinging (ringing) it from your iPhone or iPad. Learn how to ping Apple Watch from iPhone through the following article! You can ping your Apple Watch from … Read more

How to view Apple Music listening history

Next music playlist on Apple Music phone

When you listen to music on Apple Music, it will all be saved as history and we can view Apple Music listening history whenever we want. With this Apple Music listening history, users can find songs they like and have heard before. The music history feature on Apple Music is available in the phone and … Read more

Instructions to deactivate NameDrop on iPhone

General settings on iPhone

The new NameDrop feature on iOS 17 allows us to quickly share information and contacts by bringing Apple devices close together. The NameDrop feature on the iPhone can be turned on or off depending on the needs of each person when needing to share information or not. If you want to cancel or enable the … Read more

How to turn emoji into stickers on iPhone

Emoji turned into stickers on iPhone

The feature of creating emoji from images on iOS 17 has given users more options to enrich the stickers used when texting. And we can completely use emoji to turn into stickers for use in messages. We don’t need to set up any customizations or change settings to send emoji as stickers on iPhone. Here … Read more

How to remove tracking information from Safari URLs

Safari Smart Tracking and Fingerprint Prevention

When you visit a website on Safari, some trackers set up smart tracking tools from the URL of the website you visit. On iOS 17, there is a setting to remove tracking information from Safari from URLs completely automatically without you needing to customize anything further. Although when you browse the web incognito on Safari, … Read more