Tell you how to correct backlit photos on iPhone

The photos you take are not as perfect as expected because the backlight makes the subject in the photo dark compared to the background? Don’t worry, iPhone has an extremely effective photo editing tool that helps you easily overcome this situation, let’s discover it right away.

When taking a photo with a subject placed in front of a light source, the problem you will encounter is that the background is properly lit, but the subject is too dark, and vice versa when the subject has the right brightness, the background is bright. exceed. This is a case where the image is dark due to backlit shooting.

holder Tell you how to correct backlit photos on iPhone

This makes your photos less than perfect, but instead of deleting these photos, there is still a way for you to improve the situation.

Currently, iPhone has built-in a set of photo editing tools on its mobile device. Therefore, you just need to apply the steps below to improve your backlit photos.

Step 1: Access the Photos section on your phone, click on the photo you want to edit.

Step 2: Click the Edit button in the top right corner of the screen.

holder Tell you how to correct backlit photos on iPhone

Step 3: Click on the editing tools at the bottom of the image and move the navigation bar according to the parameters like the formula. To correct backlit images, you can use one of the following two formulas:

Exposure: 50, Luminance: 80, Highlights: -80, Shadows: 40, Contrast: -30, Brightness: 10, Blackpoint: 15, Saturation: 10, Freshness: 10, Warmth : -10, Sharpness: 5, Noise Reduction: 5.

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Exposure: 30, Luminance: 30, Highlights: -9 0, Shadows: 60, Contrast: -50, Brightness: 20, Blackpoint: 12, Saturation: 9, Freshness: 20, Brightness warm: -30.

holder Tell you how to correct backlit photos on iPhone

Step 4: Click Done to complete the photo editing process.

holder Tell you how to correct backlit photos on iPhone

After applying either of the above formulas, the subject in your photo has lightened somewhat, no longer creating the feeling of being backlit.

Photo before and after editing.

Backlit photography can make your photos look bad and cost you time to retouch. However, if you know how to apply it skillfully, you can completely use this method to create artistic photos in your own style.

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Through this article, you have learned one more cool photo editing tip on your iPhone. Wish you will get the best photos for yourself, friends and loved ones.