Testing the world's most powerful electromagnetic gun

A group of scientists from the China Naval Technical University is testing the world's largest electromagnetic coil gun system (Coilgun), also known as the Gauss gun. Unlike regular gun models, this weapon model does not use gunpowder but creates a magnetic field to push bullets.

Electromagnetic coil guns have a series of coils arranged along the barrel. During launch, each coil will be energized in turn to create a magnetic field that pushes the projectile suspended in the middle of the coil forward. , which helps the bullet fly straight and not touch the barrel wall. Therefore, this gun can fire continuously, quickly and without causing parts to wear out.

Test results of China's electromagnetic coil gun show that this gun can shoot 124 kg pellets from 0 to 700 km/h in just 0.05 seconds.

The team of Chinese scientists said that this weapon model can hit targets at a distance of several kilometers.

This is the heaviest electromagnetic bullet ever tested and it is equipped with sensors that protect against electromagnetic radiation, so that information about its flight can be collected.

Professor Guan Xiaocun, head of the research team, said that the new electromagnetic gun model will significantly increase the speed and accuracy of bullets along with the reliability and safety of each shot on this weapon system.

The experience gained in testing the gun can also be applied in launching near-Earth satellites and rockets, Guan added.

In the 2000s, the United States conducted similar electromagnetic gun tests at Sandia National Laboratories with a 120 mm electromagnetic coil mortar model, which was said to have fired a bullet weighing 18 kg.

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