The $ 1 million game on Steam is only for 'giants'

Spooky Men, a horror game developed and published by Bloody Bear, shocked the gaming community when it cost $ 1 million, equivalent to nearly 24 billion, on Steam.

If you don’t know, developers can decide for themselves the price of their games on Steam. So the developer Bloody Bear can offer “heavenly” prices for his game. Of course, most developers offer reasonable prices for their games, only a very few “pricey” publishers sell games at sky-high prices.

holder The $ 1 million game on Steam is only for 'giants'

In fact, Spooky Men was first released on May 9, 2023 and had a list price then of .59, much more reasonable than the current price. According to the description, this is a multiplayer horror game (multiplayer), players can play as humans and ghosts. In the game, humans have to work together to find a way to escape the house, and the ghosts’ task is to try to destroy and stop the player.

The developer Bloody Bear has also given away a few copies of the game for free so that some people can play the game and give reviews about this sky-high-priced title.

In the Early Access test phase, Spooky Men received many negative feedbacks from gamers. They think that the game has many shortcomings, so it is not attractive.

Not long ago, the Steam game The Hidden and Unknown set the record for “most expensive game on Steam” when it sold for $ 1,999.90. But the game Spooky Men with a price of $ 1 million has become the new owner of this title.

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