The moment the peacock spreads its wings to fly in the beautiful sky

The male peacock, with its iridescent blue plumage and long tail feathers in a variety of patterns and colors, is considered one of the most beautiful birds in the world. The image of male birds spreading their tails to show off their beauty, impressing females as well as showing their strength is quite familiar to many people, but the image of peacocks flying in the sky is not for everyone. threshold.

The female peacock has a similar appearance to the male but has no crest, no beautiful, colorful tail feathers like a male.

Peacocks rarely fly, they usually move by walking. Their food is plants, petals, tree seeds, insects, arthropods, amphibians… Therefore, peacocks do not need to fly to hunt, they only fly when they need to cross obstacles. animals such as rivers or lakes, or fly to high branches to hide from predators or stay at night.

Although possessing a long tail, it does not affect the male peacock’s ability to fly too much. Peacocks can fly to a height of 8m and have to flap their wings vigorously to keep their balance. The maximum distance the peacock can fly at one time is about 1.6km and can reach a maximum flight speed of 16km/h.

Peacock feathers make up 60% of their total body weight. The wingspan of a peacock can reach 1.5m, making it one of the largest birds in the world.

Both male and female peacocks can fly, but thanks to the characteristic long tail, when the male peacock flies in the sky, many people think of the legendary phoenix.

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