The next version of the Microsoft Edge web browser will have less features

The next version of the Microsoft Edge web browser will likely have fewer features than before. According to Neowin and 9to5Google, the new Edge version 117, which is currently in beta and is expected to launch in the stable version on September 14, has five features that are expected to be removed. Those features include Math Solver, Picture Dictionary, Citations, Grammar Tools and Kids Mode.

Microsoft previously mentioned "deprecating" these features in its latest beta channel release notes on August 25. The company said the reason was to "improve the end-user experience." and simplified the More tools menu” .

As Microsoft tries to get more people to use its Edge browser instead of the more popular Google Chrome browser, it has to find a way to differentiate itself. Sometimes the extras look cluttered. If you have never heard of the features listed above, they may just make the browser more cumbersome. Microsoft is probably looking to ease the burden on other aspects of Edge, such as tools for parents and scholars, as it continues to focus on key AI features and shopping tools.

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