The position of the end call button on the iPhone 15 causes users to 'retrain' the habit of using iPhone

Apple's upcoming iOS 17 will bring many small changes to the iPhone. One of them is that the End call button has been moved to another location, causing many longtime iPhone users to change their usage habits.

Previously, the red "End Call" button was in the middle of the lower part of the screen, straight with the FaceTime call button and the button that showed the iPhone's dial pad. But in the beta versions of iOS 17, Apple moved the "End Call" button to the lower right corner, next to the button that shows the dial pad.

Some iOS 17 beta testers said that the new End Call button location makes it possible for them to take some time to "retrain" their iPhone usage habits.

Changing the position of the End Call button from the center position at the bottom of the screen to the lower right corner will help optimize the Phone app interface and improve the calling experience of the phone. users especially when the phone screen is getting bigger like on the iPhone 15.

It is not clear at this time whether the new call screen on iOS 17 will actually be applied to the final version of iOS 17. If yes, will the new call screen on iOS 17 be customized or revert to the old design. This is up to Apple to decide based on user feedback and other factors.

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