The World's First and Fastest 4×4 NUC PC Launches, Using Intel Core i9-13900H CPU CPU

After countless rumors, Geekom has finally officially launched the world’s first and fastest 4×4 NUC mini PC model called Geekcom IT13, with an emphasis on compact design but equipped with Intel Core processor. The 14 core i9-13900H is extremely powerful.

In fact, Geekcom IT13 was launched with a number of different hardware configuration variants for users to choose from, including the most powerful Core i5-13500H, Core i7-13700H and Intel Core i9-13900H. Now, it’s the first 4×4 NUC model to contain one of the fastest Core i9 chips included in Intel’s Raptor Lake line, which is also the world’s leading PC processor right now. Intel Core i9-13900H has a 14C/20T configuration with a maximum turbo clock of up to 5.4GHz.

holder The World's First and Fastest 4×4 NUC PC Launches, Using Intel Core i9-13900H CPU CPU

Besides the powerful processor, the other specifications of Geekcom IT13 are relatively impressive and consistent. The machine supports up to 64GB of DDR4-3200 RAM in a dual-channel configuration for memory and storage options. However, the absence of DDR5 memory raises questions as Raptor Lake mobile CPUs are known to work best with DDR5 memory.

To ensure data storage capacity, Geekcom IT13 is integrated with 1 more M.2 2280 PCIe Gen 4 x 4 SSD slot and 1 2.5-inch SATA hard drive, providing ample expansion space for your needs. of the vast majority of users.

holder The World's First and Fastest 4×4 NUC PC Launches, Using Intel Core i9-13900H CPU CPU

The main reason behind the delay in many manufacturers’ reluctance to use Intel Core i9 CPUs is due to the high TDP level of the chip, making its implementation in mini PC models much more complicated. For example, the amount of heat released can become a big problem. Geekom is able to do that because the company has created an innovative cooling solution specifically for compact PC systems.

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Geekom data reveals that after 2 hours of 3DMark testing, the IT13 maintained an average temperature of 37.4°C. Of course, it will have to wait for an official evaluation before concluding on the device’s heat dissipation efficiency, but in general, the launch of a commercial product means that the manufacturer has made the necessary calculations.

The Geekom IT13 4×4 NUC series has several built-in physical ports on the rear and front, and supports Wi-Fi 6E wireless connectivity. Through its minimalist design, IT13 is designed to be used in a variety of purposes, such as in education and industry.

Regarding the price, the Geekom IT13 version running the Core i5-13500H chip will start at 9, the Core i7-13700H at 9 and the Core i9-13900H at 9. Prices are generally quite competitive. However, it will still have to see the reaction from the market before more in-depth judgments can be made.