Tips to help your phone not run out of memory

If the storage capacity on your phone is larger than your storage needs, you probably won’t have to worry about running out of storage space on your smartphone. Not only storing data, but updating apps or upgrading the operating system version you are using will also cause your phone to run out of data quickly.

Full memory not only prevents you from storing more data, but also makes your phone run much slower than when the memory is free. Below Quantrimang will guide you with tips to help you control the space on your phone better and never be afraid of running out of space.

holder Tips to help your phone not run out of memory

The data in the phone will usually be program data, Cache data, application data, personal data including photos, videos, music… Data like this is the main cause of the problem. The fact that your memory is often full, you can completely control it by checking your memory regularly and deleting unused data such as photos, apps, videos, messages, music.. .

If there are important data that you do not want to delete, you can move it to another device or upload to some cloud storage service, with Android it is quite easy to put data on your computer when you just Plugging the connection port from the phone into the computer and transferring it all over, on the iPhone you can use some software to support data transfer from the phone to the computer, or you can refer to the article How to simply transfer data from your phone to your computer. simply copy files from computer to iPhone/iPad.

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holder Tips to help your phone not run out of memory

If your phone runs Android then your sim tray will probably have a memory card, and now less and less manufacturers use microSD cards. If you use an iPhone, you will not have an expandable memory card.

And although the MicroSD memory card makes storing data on the phone not seamless. But at least it also helps you save memory space on your device and free up more ROM memory in your device, thereby helping your device run faster.

If your device has a microSD card, all you need to do is insert the memory card and save photos, videos, music, data… in it and reserve the internal memory space for necessary applications or files. If your device doesn’t have a microSD card slot, you can use a USB OTG or use a microSD card adapter.

holder Tips to help your phone not run out of memory

Specifically, these are Google services, starting with Google’s unlimited photo storage application Photos. You can upload as many of your images to this service as possible without worrying about the size, as long as your photo is under 16MB.

As for the Google Photos app, users will get unlimited 1,080p video storage for free. With Google Play Music, you can store your online music collections with up to 50,000 tracks. In addition to Google’s home applications, you can also store using other online services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Zoolz…

The above are the simplest methods to save space, free up iPhone and Android memory that you can choose to avoid being full of memory, if you find any method effective, please share it in the comments section. comment below.

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