Top software to create videos from photos on Android

Posting videos via Story on social networking sites is a way of sharing that many people choose with their friends, but editing videos on professional software seems a bit too much for a photo video. quite simply shared via Story.

Fortunately, there are many simple photo video making apps that offer an easy solution to this conundrum. These photo video maker apps allow you to edit modern transitions, add filters and emoticons or insert some images into your videos. But still does not require you to spend time getting used to and learning to be able to use it, below Quantrimang will summarize for you the top video making software from photos on Android.

holder Top software to create videos from photos on Android

It can be said that KineMaster is one of the most popular video editors on phones, both on iOS and Android. KineMaster supports users with multiple video layers, multi-track audio layers, text and image layers, 3D transition effects, the most precise volume adjustment.

Made for professional video editors and amateurs alike, KineMaster is easy to use on your phone. In particular, KineMaster also has a Handwriting layer feature that allows users to draw directly on the video.

Some features you can use on KineMaster

holder Top software to create videos from photos on Android

VivaVideo is a popular video recording, editing and cutting tool on the App Store. Not only on the App Store, but also on CH Play, this application is also used by many users to create videos from photos and share on the Story of social networking applications.

VivaVideo’s video recording quality is good, supports many transition effects, supports animations, emoticons, stickers… along with other unique features.

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Here are the features you can use on VivaVideo

holder Top software to create videos from photos on Android

In addition to the great photo management tools of Google Photos, you can also use this application to edit your videos. Google Photos has funny videos available for those who don’t want to do any editing, if you want to create videos from funny photos, you can choose photos from your album to combine them into a clip with music, plus a little extra layer like text, stickers and more.

To be able to create a music video, sync your media with Google Photos. Then fire up the app and in the upper right corner you will see a Movies option. Click on it and select Create new movie , then select the photos that you want to make a video and click Create in the upper right corner, up to 50 photos.

You can then drag the displayed time bar corresponding to each photo in the lower left hand side, or add music from the device using the musical note icon next to the video timeline. Next save and share on your social networks, in general Google Photos is a fairly simple application to create photo videos and share on social networks.

holder Top software to create videos from photos on Android

GoPro also has a simple style almost like Google Photos. However, GoPro has tools that cater to both amateurs and professionals. You can choose to build your story from photo albums.

GoPro even has advanced video editing tools like frame composition management, moment-by-moment captions, color grading, and more.

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Some outstanding features of GoPro Quik you can use:

holder Top software to create videos from photos on Android

Magisto is a video editing tool that possesses many powerful features but is very simple to operate. This application will automatically merge photos and video clips to create a lively music video. Allows you to share your video to social network like Facebook or Instagram.

However, this application is not completely free and warned. Since it’s also a social network of sorts, Magisto charges extra if you want to download the final clip or use any more professional editing tools.

Some outstanding features of Magisto

holder Top software to create videos from photos on Android

FilmoraGo strives to replicate the desktop video editing experience. The interface using the FilmoraGo application is used in landscape mode, with a preview window in the center and options around it. It is mainly designed for users who like to edit their videos in the same way as in computer video editing software.

And you just need a simple video to share to the Story of social networking applications like Instagram or Facebook, FilmoraGo also provides that for you. This application provides a lot of advanced tools to try, such as adding text, adding overlays, transitions…

Some outstanding features of FilmoraGo:

holder Top software to create videos from photos on Android

Adobe is not only famous for video editing software, graphics on computers but also on mobile devices. Here Adobe’s software is called Premier Clip. Like the above photo video making apps, it allows you to easily make a video with your smartphone’s photo library.

You can choose self-made video templates or click Freeform to create your own style videos. And of course, Adobe Premier Clip also provides users with video editing tools such as color grading, cutting and arranging videos, adding transition effects… A special point is that Adobe Premier Clip does not force users to Sign in to your Adobe account and still be able to use it.

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The hugely popular video maker, photo collage app has won the top spot among photo video clip creation apps. FotoPlay allows you to seamlessly stitch photos to create videos, add music, effects, stickers, name you give it, help create great memories from your favorite photos.

Use stylish fade-in, fade-out, and other quick effects to create smooth transitions between series of photos, then add the music you want to capture the moment ( you can add the song that was actually played when taking the photo). FotoPlay supports multiple aspect ratios – so whether you take a picture vertically or horizontally, everything will be fine.

The “Video FX” feature is truly remarkable, giving your videos cinematic quality, taking your self-made videos to the next level.

Some outstanding features of FotoPlay:

Obviously there is no shortage of applications that allow you to create simple photo videos in just a few minutes. However, if you need more tools and space to edit videos, please refer to the software in the article Top software to create videos from quality images.

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