Upcoming Windows 11 feature lets you switch to a cloud PC in a jiffy

Microsoft is currently testing a feature that will allow users to switch between a local Windows 11 installation and a cloud-based Windows 365 PC installation on the device with just basic computer commands.

Called Windows 365 Switch, the feature is now available for testing with users of the Windows Insider program in the Beta and Dev channels. Recently, the Windows 11 Build 23521 build for Windows Insider in the Dev Channel was also available for internal testing.

Microsoft has been developing its Windows cloud-based PC utility segment since 2021. Redmond’s main target group is enterprise customers. However, Microsoft also tends to focus more and more on the individual user segment recently.

As mentioned, the Windows 365 Switch feature allows you to switch from a local Windows 11 setup on your PC to cloud-based Windows 365 in no time using standard keyboard commands, mouse clicks or gestures. just swipe. Users can also enable the transition through the Task view feature on the desktop.

Microsoft emphasizes that Windows 365 Switch can be especially beneficial for users who participate in BYOD (Bring your own device) programs – “bring your own device” – at work. An employee can host a company-owned Cloud PC on their own desktop or laptop, and switch between these environments as needed. Currently, the cloud-based Windows 365 service is only available to business users.

Requirements for Windows 365 Switch include:

Step-by-step instructions on how to deploy and use Windows 365 Switch can be found on the Microsoft community site.

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