Users need to immediately update the latest Flash version for the browser

The latest Flash update for the browser will help Internet users prevent data theft attacks.

holder Users need to immediately update the latest Flash version for the browser

According to Wolfgang Kandek , CTO of cybersecurity company Qualys, except for IE10, IE11 or Google Chrome browsers, users of the remaining browsers should download the latest Flash update themselves. browser to enhance security.

Wolfgang Kandek believes that the reason why users of IE10 , IE11 and Chrome browsers can be assured of attacks against Flash security holes is because these browsers have built-in automatic updates by default. Update Flash to the latest version from the vendor. This latest version of Flash includes 3 fixes, of which 1 is considered the most important compared to the other 2.

The vulnerability was discovered by Michele Spagnuolo, a security engineer currently working at the Google office in Zurich. According to Spagnuolo , if exploited, this security flaw could allow hackers to easily steal user login information from well-known websites.

Google immediately received a warning from Michele Spagnuolo and immediately repaired some of its services such as Maps, Accounts and Youtube. It is known that Michele Spagnuolo has sent his own company warning first because of the ” sensitivity ” of this security hole. A few days before posting the information on her personal Blog, Michele Spagnuolo also warned to Twitter, eBay, Tumblr and Instagram.

For browsers that do not support automatic Flash updates such as Safari, Internet Explorer versions from IE10 and earlier, Firefox as well as Opera – users need to quickly download and install a compatible Flash version from Adobe’s website .

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