VNPT officially provides 'Time Stamp Grant' service to help prevent forgery in electronic transactions

Timestamp – Timestamp is electronic data that attaches time information (day, month, year) to a data message, provided by a trusted timestamp issuer.

Timestamps are used to prove and authenticate the existence of data (documents, records, messages, etc.) at a certain point in time to help ensure temporal non-repudiation and integrity. data.

Timestamp can be understood simply as an advanced service for digital signatures.

holder VNPT officially provides 'Time Stamp Grant' service to help prevent forgery in electronic transactions

After passing many tests of technical parameters to ensure the requirements set out by the National Electronic Certification Center, VNPT Group has officially announced the provision of Timestamp Issue service.

For conventional digital signatures, the digital signature time displayed is the time of the device or server that signed the digital signature, which can be easily changed using simple tools. This makes proving the effective date of documents after digital signing with time-sensitive documents and documents such as financial transactions, securities, sales contracts, electronic medical records, etc. difficult if there is a dispute.

In particular, verifying the digital signature time and integrity of documents with expired digital certificates is not possible because of the lack of evidence, leading to loss of legal validity and inability to return. into evidence.

VNPT TSA, VNPT’s timestamp issuance service, helps verify the exact signing time and integrity of long-term or permanent documents, independent of the duration of the digital certificate. In addition, this service also helps remove barriers of geographical distance, time, and saves a lot of operating costs in signing for businesses and organizations.

With VNPT TSA, users are not dependent on hardware devices such as USB Token or SIM, can digitally sign flexibly on computers or mobile devices. The product applies modern digital authentication technology, which is safe and secure, ensuring content and legality for transactions in the online environment between organizations, businesses and individuals.

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