What is Google Gemini? How does Gemini work?

Google constantly surprises us – this time with the Gemini AI project. Although Gemini AI is still in development, the project intends to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT application.

Is Google Gemini a competitor of ChatGPT? If the rumors are true, then this huge project will bring a lot of things to look forward to.

If you’re intrigued by Google’s Gemini, here are a few things about the project.

ChatGPT has revolutionized the entire technology industry with its most advanced features and innate ability to manipulate text. Despite the popularity of ChatGPT, Google’s latest artificial intelligence project, Gemini is still being launched.

But what is Google’s Gemini project? Here’s what Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis told Wired:

At a high level, you can think of Gemini as combining some of the strengths of the AlphaGo type system with the great capabilities of large language models.

Google’s Gemini AI model is a large language model (LLM) that works seamlessly with text. Its power is similar to GPT-4, the LLM behind ChatGPT application. In 2016, AlphaGo, an artificial intelligence program, defeated the Go world champion.

In April 2023, Google brought together Google Brain, Google’s native Deep Learning artificial intelligence research unit, and the creator of AlphaGo, DeepMind, to create Google DeepMind. Under the guidance of Google DeepMind, the whole process of formation and development of Google Gemini is taking place.

Google and DeepMind have previously tried to create a worthy competitor to the ChatGPT chatbot. Hopefully Google will eventually create Gemini to beat the competition.

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The reason for creating Gemini is simple. Google wants to enhance its capabilities with business products, such as Google Docs and Slides, and power the Google Bard to tackle the competition and make it user-friendly more raw.

In addition, developers must pay Google to access the Gemini AI application through the Google Cloud server rental division. This move will directly challenge Microsoft and its ability to integrate AI in Office 365 products.

Additionally, with Gemini potentially launching in the fall of 2023, there could even be cutting-edge developments in the medical sciences, as medical AI robots and chatbots can run on Gemini.

holder What is Google Gemini? How does Gemini work?

Google has deep knowledge and a rich, data-driven application platform that will be the primary training resource for Gemini’s AI application (plus insights, experience, and talent pool) growing into this vast list of language model (LLM) training).

Gemini is using a new architecture to unify multimodal encoders and decoders. The encoder’s job is to convert different types of data into a common language that the decoder can understand and act on. The decoder also generates outputs in a variety of ways, which is the highlight of Google’s latest invention.

You can expect new outputs with Gemini because it doesn’t just depend on training the underlying data. Applications should be able to grow without having to rely on initial training data.

holder What is Google Gemini? How does Gemini work?

Will Google’s ChatGPT and Gemini clash after the second release? Google intends to eliminate the competition with the launch of its latest app.

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At the time of this writing, here’s what is known about Gemini and how it works against its current competitor, ChatGPT.

GPT-4 is a large language model with between 1 trillion and 1.7 trillion parameters. It writes essays, translates languages, and responds quickly to questions. However, ChatGPT has limitations on what it can and cannot do.

On the other hand, once released, Gemini will be a multimodal intelligence network capable of handling various tasks, requests based on data, images, audio, video, 3D models. and even graphs. Since Gemini is the pinnacle of model networks, it can handle multiple requests at the same time without limitation.

The release date of Google Gemini has yet to be announced at the time of writing. It could be made widely available to the public from September to December 2023, according to rumors circulating about the platform’s release.