Why are many people still unable to integrate their driver's license into VNeID?

As reflected by many people, they have activated the VNeID level 2 electronic identification application but cannot integrate the driver’s license even though they follow each step exactly as instructed. What is the cause of this problem?

Accordingly, when these people add driver’s license information to the VNeID application, they all receive the message: “The citizen’s driver’s license information is not available on the data system of the Ministry of Transport.” .

holder Why are many people still unable to integrate their driver's license into VNeID?

According to research, the reason why the integration of driver’s license into the VNeID application of people failed is because some driver’s license records are in the information system of the Road Administration of Vietnam, but not yet. validated against national population data.

Currently, more than 31.3 million driving license records have been successfully verified with national data on population, according to a representative of the Vietnam Road Administration. However, many driver license registrations use the old 9-digit identity card information, which is different from the 12-digit citizen identification information. This causes synchronization and unverified driver’s license information.

In addition, the information on some types of old-fashioned driver’s licenses only has the name, year of birth of the people, and the date of birth is not available, leading to no synchronization with the national data on the population. Okay.

According to the Vietnam Road Administration to solve this situation, people can change their driving license to a new style to update information according to their 12-digit citizen identification. People do not need a medical certificate or a record of an old driver’s license when the driver’s license is still valid.

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In addition, in the near future, the Vietnam Road Administration will coordinate with the Social Order Administration Police Department (C06, Ministry of Public Security) to provide software that allows people to self-declare and update Update driver’s license data to ensure data synchronization, making it easy to integrate driver’s license information into VNeID.