Why Do You Need a Self-Care List?

Like most of us, you probably hit the ground running when the alarm clock rings.

Whether it’s tending to kids, racing off to work, or going to school, your day starts early and is filled to the brim with tasks and obligations.

Your digital devices keep you plugged in and distracted, worrying that you are missing something important and dragging you into a vortex of information overload.

In Western culture, we equate our self-worth to productivity and hard work.

Many of us (women in particular) feel we are being self-centered if we don’t put the needs of others ahead of our own all the time.

But all of this productivity, multi-tasking, and people-pleasing comes at a cost –your mental and physical health.

Not only do you jeopardize your health, but also you miss out on the joys of fully experiencing life. That’s where the following self-care ideas for women and men can help.