Why hasn't the Apple Watch design changed over the generations? Here is the explanation from the experts

Apple was once considered as one of the technology manufacturers that was always at the forefront of every changing trend. This ‘valuable virtue’ is still maintained and clearly shown on products bearing the apple logo until the end of Steve Jobs’ era.

But since the departure of the great “captain”, Apple’s creativity also seems to have decreased significantly, or it can be said that the company is more lazy to be creative and instead mainly focuses on the aspect of innovation. business. This can be clearly seen through the boring design maintained (or insignificantly changed) over the years of iPhones, Macbooks … and now the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is a beautiful, well-built, and feature-rich watch. No one can deny that, but why the design of the Apple Watch has remained almost unchanged since the launch of the first version, while still selling very well, completely dominating the watch market. smart. This may sound like a contradiction for a technology product, but Apple has done it. So what’s the secret here?

According to Ben Stanton, senior analyst at the famous market analysis firm Canalys, and also an in-depth researcher on the smartwatch market, there are two main reasons why Apple does not. need to change too much about the design on its smart wearable device but can still reap great success.

Despite the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, global Apple Watch sales still grew 6% in the first half of 2020 – and the company now holds a 40% market share in the worldwide smartwatch market. .

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Notably, many of these people are buying an Apple Watch for the first time. Theoretically, this audience segment has almost no interest in the design of the Apple Watch changing, because they have never owned an Apple smartwatch, or had a similar design before. This.

Besides, another reason that Stanton thinks has a great influence on Apple’s “laziness to change” is the level of brand recognition. Because of the popularity of the Apple brand as well as the Apple Watch, maintaining a “classic” design basically not only does not cause boredom, but also makes users more assured that the watch they buy is safe. sure many people know. This is very important because besides the functions of viewing time or monitoring health, the watch can also be considered a kind of jewelry.

By maintaining a design across versions, Apple can have more control over the supply chain, and it doesn’t need to change much about how the related lines operate. On top of that, it also makes the job of software developers much easier. For example, if the Apple Watch switches to a circular display, developers will have to redesign almost the entire software and application interface on the device.

So the question is, will the Apple Watch change its design at least once in the future? According to Stanton NO, unless there is a drop in sales and growth. The changes will come when Apple needs to encourage people to upgrade their devices, and this scenario could be a long time coming.