Will Apple ever bring iMessage to Android?

Unlike Apple Music and Apple TV, which are available for Android devices, iMessage may never be brought to Android devices by Apple.

Every iPhone user is familiar with the blue versus green chat bubble. When you send someone a message and the response comes with a green bubble, you’ll instantly know the person on the other end of the line doesn’t use Apple devices.

This means that the conversation will be limited to text and low quality images or videos thanks to MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services). This is a multimedia messaging option that allows users to send text messages that combine images and sounds between phone numbers. As a result, there’s a lot of pressure on Apple to bring iMessage to Android devices. But is Apple planning to bring iMessage to Android devices? Let’s find out in the article below.

holder Will Apple ever bring iMessage to Android?

Apple introduced the iMessage messaging service in 2011 and included it in the Messages app on the iPhone. iMessage requires internet to use and will allow users to text for free, but only between iPhone users. This service is free to use with Wi-Fi, but using the carrier’s Internet will cost you space.

It allows users to send texts, videos and images with end-to-end encryption. iMessage can announce read to the sender, including input notifications and different message effects. So it’s pretty much like WhatsApp and current messaging apps.

holder Will Apple ever bring iMessage to Android?

When an iPhone user sends a message to an Android smartphone user, the iMessage app switches to SMS. And when an Android user responds, their text will show up as a green bubble to let the recipient know that it’s not an iPhone, iPad, or Mac user.

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Bringing iMessage to Android is actually not difficult. If Apple wants then they can implement iMessage on CHPlay as a downloadable app, like Zalo, WhatsApp or Telegram.

However, Apple did not do so, they intentionally prevented the bringing of iMessage to Android in order to create a closed ecosystem that acts like a “walled garden”. And it also helps Apple attract users to buy iPhone rather than Android.

holder Will Apple ever bring iMessage to Android?

So, if you don’t own an Apple device, you won’t be able to enjoy the services of a half-baked apple. While you still have exceptions like Apple Music and Apple TV, unfortunately iMessage is not among them.

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