Windows 11 market share suddenly decreased in August 2023, far behind Windows 10

Statistics website Statcounter has officially published a monthly report, revealing the latest detailed information about the market share of Windows operating system versions running globally.

Statistical results from Statcounter show that by the end of August 2022, the growth prospect of Windows 11 has not only not improved, but also slowed down alarmingly. The latest version of Microsoft’s operating system has lost a significant portion of its user base, with its share of users dropping dramatically, even to just a few months ago.

It should be noted that Windows 11 will turn 2 years old next October and Microsoft has prepared to stop supporting the first release (version 21H2). However, despite the encouragement efforts and even strong intervention from Microsoft, the current market share of Windows 11 is still quite far behind Windows 10’s overwhelming 71.94%. In fact, Windows 10 also increased its market share in August 2023 (+0.8%), firmly cementing its position as the world’s most commonly used computer operating system. Meanwhile, Windows 11 is about to turn two years old, accounting for 23.17% (-0.49%) of the market share, which is only close to the time of April and May 2023.

The reason for the decline in Windows 11’s market share is still unclear. However, the problem is probably still mainly in the requirements of compatible hardware and general stability of the operating system. Another recent survey also showed that about half of workstations do not meet the hardware requirements of Windows 11, so cannot move from Windows 10 to 11. Controversial feature changes, requirements High hardware and frequent bugs continue to haunt Windows 11. It will be interesting to see if the upcoming Windows 11 23H2 release helps Windows 11 return to the momentum it needs.

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For dead Windows versions, such as 7 and 8/8.1, the overall market share has not changed much. Windows 7 currently owns 3.5% (-0.19%) market share, while Windows 8.1 is at 0.84% market share. Nearly ten years after end of support, Windows XP is still used by about 0.32% of Windows users worldwide.