Windows 11 will update the Vulkan API to make Android games smoother

If you are using the WSA (Windows Subsystem For Android) emulator on Windows 11, it will be updated to the new version with support for the Vulkan API.

Vulkan API helps us to experience and use Android games on Windows 11 smoother than before. Specifically, version 2307 (build 2307.40000.2.0) will be updated by the company with a number of features such as support for the Windows application launch protocol, compatibility with low-level Vulkan APIs, improved graphics, fixes. stability error,…

For those who experience Android games on Windows 11, with the support of Vulkan API, Windows 11 uses the GPU on the computer to process graphics and calculations more accurately, smoother, increasing performance when we play games. .

Currently, the Vulkan API is stable on both Windows and Linux. We need to download the Windows Subsystem for Android Preview version 2307 from the Microsoft Store, through registering to test early Windows updates according to the link below. Note, the latest version is applied to Windows Insider accounts first and then to regular accounts.

After receiving the Windows Subsystem for Android preview, the computer requires a minimum of 16GB RAM, SSD drive, and virtualization support enabled in UEFI settings to install.

holder Windows 11 will update the Vulkan API to make Android games smoother

Windows Subsystem for Android version 2306 released in July also has many improvements for full screen mode, camera, local area network, folder sharing, OneDrive, ARM devices, ..

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