X allows ads from candidates, political parties in the US

On August 29, X (Twitter) said it would allow ads from candidates and political parties in the United States to build on X’s commitment to free speech.

At the same time, the social network also announced that it will strengthen its safety team against content manipulation ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

holder X allows ads from candidates, political parties in the US

X will also establish a global advertising transparency center to help users view legitimate political promotional content. The center is also tasked with screening and banning political propaganda that transmits disinformation and seeks to undermine people’s confidence in the election.

X’s agreement to allow political promotion in the US is considered to be able to help this social networking platform increase revenue at a time when many advertisers have ‘fled’ or reduced spending on the platform to avoid advertising. appear next to inappropriate content.

In November 2019, X, then Twitter and not yet billionaire Elon Musk banned political promotion globally since 2019.

By January 2023, Twitter had lifted the ban and began allowing “promotion for good” in the US with the pretext of raising awareness about election issues such as how to register to vote. tri.

X is the platform that was loved by US President Donald Trump during his previous years in office in the White House. But X announced that he would permanently delete Donald Trump’s account after protesters stormed the US Capitol in January 2021. Last year, Mr. Trump’s account was restored and he recently posted an announcement that he would run for president next year.

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