X (Twitter) lowers ad revenue sharing program requirements with creators

Last month, X (formerly Twitter) made headlines when it launched an exciting new program to share ad revenue with the platform’s community of creators. The main goal is to provide an additional source of income for creators, while encouraging the quality of content on Twitter.

True to its name, “Creator Ads Revenue Sharing,” this program will allow creators to earn a portion of the revenue generated from the ads that show up in replies to their tweets. However, there will also be some mandatory criteria that creators must meet if they want to participate in the program.

According to X, to be eligible for consideration for the ad revenue share program, a creator’s account must meet the following criteria:

However, after the initial rollout, the number of creators participating in Creator Ads Revenue Sharing seems to be falling short of expectations, leading the company to consider lowering requirements to help the creator community. make the program more accessible. The new criteria will include 5 million tweet impressions in the past 3 months (previously 15 million) and a minimum payout (previously ).

holder X (Twitter) lowers ad revenue sharing program requirements with creators

However, X owner Elon Musk emphasized that only verified accounts will be counted when there are 5 million impressions. This is to prevent X users from abusing the bot to commit fraud. He further noted that the company is actively working through the release of the payments and there may be slight delays.

The change comes just a week after Elon Musk announced X was processing more than million in payments to all creators who have signed up for the program since mid-July.

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The program is expected to be a great way for the company to support creators who have turned Twitter into “a vibrant and engaging platform”. By sharing ad revenue with creators, Elon Musk and his associates are encouraging them to continue creating high-quality content to attract more users and provide a better experience on the platform, especially especially before the appearance of potential new competitors like Threads (Meta).