Your YouTube homepage will be 'white' if you don't turn on this feature

YouTube’s support page recently posted a notice that the platform will stop showing video suggestions on the homepage for users who have turned off the option to save watch history.

This means your YouTube homepage goes blank if you delete and turn off your watch history. Then, on the homepage, there is still a search bar and a guide menu on the left, but the suggested videos section will be empty. This will happen on both mobile and web.

holder Your YouTube homepage will be 'white' if you don't turn on this feature

Currently, if you want to continue to receive video recommendations on YouTube, users are required to turn on watch history. This requirement is not required for logged out users, which means no viewing history can be recorded.

YouTube says this change will help users search and browse subscribed channels without being distracted by suggested videos.

YouTube says the feature will roll out “gradually” to everyone over the next few months. For now, only a handful of YouTube users are starting to see the impact of the change.

Earlier, Google also announced that it is testing the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically generate summaries of video content on YouTube to provide a brief overview of the content. content of the video. They will appear on YouTube’s search bars and video pages, but won’t replace the description below each human-written video. Users can sign up for new YouTube experiments at

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