YouTube applies a countdown timer to warn users when using an ad blocker

YouTube is not afraid to express an increasingly “tough” stance in preventing viewers from using ad blockers when watching videos on its platform, and at the same time directing customers to the Premium subscription service. pay fees.

According to a new post on Reddit, YouTube has quietly updated a warning interface that blocks users’ ability to play videos unless they turn off the ad blocker. The updated alert pane now includes a countdown timer in the top right corner, showing how much time the user has left to take the required action from YouTube. Based on early reports, the timer seems to run for 30-60 seconds.

The rest of the warning pane interface remains the same, explaining the benefits of YouTube Premium and providing options to “Allow ads on YouTube” or “Try YouTube Premium”.

A screenshot of the new warning frame interface has been shared on Reddit. Some confirmed users have also seen the timer, meaning YouTube is currently testing the feature with a limited number of accounts, in certain regions.

holder YouTube applies a countdown timer to warn users when using an ad blocker

In June, YouTube limited the number of videos a person can watch to three if the platform detects they’re using an ad blocker, reminding them that it violates the platform’s policies.

Over the past few months, YouTube has been very active in promoting users to use the Premium service plan. Earlier this year, YouTube launched a “1080p Premium” video quality option with a higher bitrate. Last week, this video option became available to users worldwide.

The addition of the above warning from time to time can be seen as a new measure by YouTube to reduce users of ad blockers. While there are alternatives like VPNs and some browsers like Brave, most are temporary. YouTube may have planned measures to combat any user “circumvention of the law”.

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With most of its revenue coming from advertising, and with a sharp decline in business revenue in recent quarters, stronger measures are likely to continue to be introduced by YouTube in the near future in the region. vi is wider.