Youtube is testing making the 'Skip Ad' button smaller

For those who do not subscribe to Youtube’s Premium package or block ads on Youtube, you will have to regularly press the Skip Ad button to skip the YouTube ad as soon as it appears. Reduce ad waiting time to see the main content of the video. Recently, YouTube has been testing a change to the appearance of this button, and it may become more difficult to press the button.

holder Youtube is testing making the 'Skip Ad' button smaller

A YouTube spokesperson confirmed to Search Engine Land that the company is “testing updated ‘ Skip Ad ‘ button design on all platforms”. The old skip ad button was a very recognizable rectangle. The new button is circular, removing the capitalization of “Ad” from “Skip Ad,” making it significantly smaller and more transparent. Simply put, the Skip Ad button will become harder to press and easily confused with something else.

The spokesperson further explained that “Our goal is to provide a more unified user experience that matches the new look and feel of YouTube that we announced last year.” Meanwhile, Google Ads expert Thomas Eccel commented on the situation, saying if the company made the change, it would “affect view rates and the amount of money spent on ad campaigns.” ,” can increase ad revenue.

holder Youtube is testing making the 'Skip Ad' button smaller

This change comes as YouTube is testing some anti-ad blocking measures. First, in May, a notification window appeared to inform users that ad blockers are not allowed on Youtube. This message window then started adopting the “3 bugs” system in June before integrating the timer earlier this month.

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holder Youtube is testing making the 'Skip Ad' button smaller

To be fair, these image adjustments are in line with other recent changes Google has made. To make the user interface consistent across platforms, the company added similar elements to other apps, such as the circular search bar in Maps and the navigation bar in Google Chrome and the time app. details. Google hasn’t set a date for when this new Skip Ad button will apply to all users, but once it’s announced, it’s certain to come soon.