YouTube removes false cancer treatment video, 'cure all diseases'

YouTube recently announced that it will remove false medical information on this video sharing platform. Accordingly, content that does not encourage patients to seek treatment, or promotes unproven treatment methods, contradicts recommendations from health officials on topics such as COVID-19, reproductive health, cancer and harmful substances… will be removed.

holder YouTube removes false cancer treatment video, 'cure all diseases'

YouTube will categorize existing medical instructions into three topics: prevention measures, treatments, and negative information to carry out this content filtering process.

In addition, YouTube will analyze content to assess public health risks as well as the potential for false information, thereby determining whether the content is consistent with the new health policy.

YouTube’s move is to ensure it provides users with reputable, authentic information about areas of scientific consensus that have been thoroughly researched.

However, YouTube will not delete videos with content that attracts a lot of attention, which will still exist even if it violates the new policy. For example, a public discussion session video containing inaccurate information or an individual arguing about official medical guidelines… will be retained and context added for viewers to better understand.

Three years ago, YouTube teamed up with some of the world’s largest technology platforms to remove videos containing false information about COVID-19.

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